Garvey studios is a socially conscious, leather boutique founded by artist and designer Coral Garvey.

Launched in 2016, the studio has quickly grown to an international collective of talent across New York, London, Paris and Berlin.

Each bag is hand-crafted in Seoul made from the finest Italian leathers and adorned with the finest Japanese hardware, based on Coral’s unique designs.

The studio advocates for models and friends with a different lens , fusing inclusivity and adventure within her narrative. Garvey Studios is known for leather accessories that provoke and inspire.


Having lived in New York, London, Paris and Berlin, Garvey's work is born from an international outlook, a meticulous eye and adventurous spirit.

For the past fifteen years, Garvey has had a creative hand in some of the most iconic streetwear brands in the world such as Diesel, Adidas and Underarmour. Beginning of her career in Steve Job's team designing Apple’s premium packaging. Garvey allows her curiosity to move her from one form of media to the next. Most recently, she is serving as Creative Director of London-based fashion startup Depop, a platform where 13 million Millennials and Gen Z style enthusiasts go to shop and self-express.

Beyond running Garvey Studios, Coral is an editorial fashion photographer, and co-founder of a number of culture shifting startups of her own. These companies include Playground, a cultural digital event guide, connecting people from all over the world, and 202 Dalmation, a London based all male modeling agency.

In her spare time she creates oversized dystopian oil paintings, and loves to ride motocycles all over the world.